Executive management

Régie du Mail

Flavio Brisotto

Flavio Brisotto, founder, has an advanced Swiss federal diploma of higher education in property assets, following studies in civil engineering. He founded Régie du Mail in 1995 with his first managed property, a property in Versoix (Geneva) under court ordered administration. In 2005, he founded Courtage du Mail under the parent company, giving a new thrust to the company. With in-depth knowledge of property policy – notably thanks to the years he held the presidency of the APGCI (Professional Association of Real Estate Managers and Brokers) and the USPI (Swiss Association of Real Estate Agents) – he has developed a veritable real estate know-how over the years. In 2015, the 20th anniversary of Régie Du Mail, he exported his expertise and Swiss vision abroad for the first time with the founding of Helvetic Immobilier in Marbella, at the heart of an area with exceptional property potential.

Sylvie Brisotto

Sylvie Brisotto, partner, has a Swiss federal diploma of higher education in property brokerage. After having trained in a small estate agency, she continued her career progression in the construction industry. She then decided to go back to the sector she had trained in and was employed as a junior secretary in a small estate agency, which is today one of the largest in the area. She then took up the role of executive secretary and, for approximately ten years, assisted the director (also president of the Geneva Association of Real Estate Agents), who passed on his expertise to her. With the creation of Régie Du Mail, where she was spending all her free time, she understood that it was time she joined the family estate agency definitively, bringing her experience and expertise with her. After being awarded a Swiss federal diploma, she joined the board of directors and founded Courtage du Mail with Flavio Brisotto in 2005.


Régie du Mail

Antoinette Meddings

Antoinette Meddings, head of housing cooperatives in the Group, has qualifications in architecture from the University of Geneva (1990) and the Institut d’Études Immobilières (Institute of Property Studies) (2000). She worked as an architect in Geneva and Vancouver for many years, as well as a representative for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Asia. After settling with her family in Geneva in 1998, she decided to focus on a career in property and specifically in housing cooperative management, a form of housing that matches her own aspirations. She joined Régie du Mail in 2001 as a property manager and was appointed to the board in 2006.

Coopératives Department


Patrick Pugin

Patrick Pugin has a Swiss federal diploma of higher education in property management. After having learnt the ropes in two large local estate agencies, as an accountant as well as a property manager, he decided to work, in turn, for two large national estate agencies, focussing mainly on business management. He particularly enjoyed the varied nature of the work and consolidated his skill set by obtaining a Swiss federal diploma of higher education in property management. In 2009, Flavio Brisotto and José Exposito convinced him to join them at the board of a company that promotes human relationships in its business approach. This new adventure has given him the opportunity to take on new challenges and has allowed him to act as an assessor at the Tribunal des Baux et Loyers (Leases and Rents Tribunal).

Financial services & Gérance


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