La Régie du mail FAQ's


  • I would like to apply for an apartment that I saw on your site, how do I proceed?

    First of all, you need to make a visit. The information relating to the visit can be found directly on the ad. If you are interested in the property, create an account, fill in the fields indicated with your personal information and validate your registration. To complete your application, you will have to join an original certificate of the office of the pursuits and bankruptcies dating less than 3 months, your 3 last salary slips and a certificate of your employer as well as a copy of your identity card.

    Rental application

  • I am interested in a property and would like to visit it, where can I find the contact information?

    The number of the person in charge of the visits (management or current tenant) is directly mentioned in the ad.

  • What are the steps to terminate my lease at the end of the term?

    If you wish to terminate your lease, you must send us a letter by registered mail, giving three months' notice before the contractual expiry date of your lease, or one month's notice in the case of  Previgest parking.

    Cancellation guide

  • I saw an item that interests me on GPF, how can I contact them?

    The Régie du Mail is no longer attached to the GPF. The direct line of GPF is 022.704.19.00

  • I have applied and would like to know the status of my application. Will I receive a response regardless of the decision?

    We will get back to you even if the answer is negative. If you still have not received a response, the files are still being processed.

  • Where can I find all the useful information concerning the use of my home?

    You can find all the useful information concerning the terms of use of your accommodation on your lease as well as in the general conditions and rental rules and practices attached to it.


  • Does the Régie du Mail also do brokerage?

    Yes, the Régie du Mail does brokerage. If you have any questions, a licensed expert will be happy to answer them.

  • I would like to sell my property, who can advise me?

    If you wish to sell your property, you can write directly to our certified experts. They will guide you with pleasure and professionalism during the different stages of selling your property.

Works & claims

  • In case of a necessary and urgent repair in my home (leak, power failure) which would occur during your closing hours, how to proceed?

    You will find in the notice board located on the ground floor of your building, the numbers of the companies to contact in case of emergency.

  • How can I get compensation for damage in my apartment?

    By telephone with your contact person or by email specifying the damage + photos if necessary.

  • I would like to get an extra key for my apartment, what should I do?

    By sending an email with the number of keys desired with a photo of both sides of the key. The references must be clearly legible. The costs of this order will be charged to the tenant.

  • I unfortunately lost the access key to my home, what should I do?

    In the first instance, please inform the management. Each situation is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In certain situations, a company will intervene to replace the cylinder(s) of the landing door and will provide the new keys. These costs are not charged to the tenant.

  • What do I do when I lose my access key to my cellar? To my mailbox?

    If it is a simple lock (cellar or mailbox key), you must inform the management, an order will be made to a locksmith. This fee is exclusive to the fees. If it is an important key, put in pass with apartment, building + common, it will be necessary, in some cases, to replace some cylinders (apartment + cellar + mailbox) and order new keys. These costs are exclusive to the tenant.


  • What should I do to renew my application?

    If you wish to renew your application, you must notify our services every 6 months.


  • I have received a letter from the Régie announcing a balance to be received on my heating bill, when will it be paid?

    The balance of the heating costs will be paid to you within one month of the heating bill being issued.


  • Where can I find the contact details of the people handling my case?

    You will find the contact details of the staff who deal with your case on the various correspondence from the Régie du Mail.